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Teacher Disposition Survey

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Please mark your level of agreement with each statement listed below using the following response scale:

0 = Strongly Disagree 1 = Disagree 2 = Neutral 3 = Agree 4 = Strongly Agree
8.I believe a teacher must use a variety of instructional strategies to optimize student learning.
9.I understand students need to be treated as individuals in the learning process.
10.I demonstrate qualities of humor, empathy, and warmth with others.
11.I am a thoughtful and responsive listener.
12.I assume responsibility when working with others.
13.I am committed to critical reflection for my professional growth.
14.I believe that what students are learning must be relevant to a student's life, past & present.
15.I cooperate with colleagues in planning instruction.
16.I actively seek out professional growth opportunities.
17.I uphold the laws and ethical codes governing the teaching profession.
18.I stimulate students' interests & curiosity.
19.I believe it is important to involve each student in learning.
20.I value both long term and short term planning.
21.I stay current with the evolving nature of the teaching profession.
22.I select material that is relevant for students.
23.I believe the classroom environment a teacher creates greatly affects students' learning and development.
24.I am successful in facilitating learning for all students.
25.I tend to encourage democratic interaction in the classroom and school.
26.I accurately read the non-verbal communication of students.
27.I engage in discussions about new ideas in the teaching profession.
28.I view teaching as an important profession.
29.I select material that is interesting for students.
30.I provide appropriate feedback to encourage students in their development.
31.I understand that teachers' expectations impact student learning.
32.I view teaching as a collaborative effort among educators.
33.I engage in research-based teaching practices.
34.I create connections within subject matter.
35.I understand students have certain needs that must be met before learning can take place.
36.I am sensitive to student differences.
37.I communicate caring, concern, and a willingness to become involved with others.
38.I listen to colleagues' ideas and suggestions to improve instruction.
39.I take initiative to promote ethical and responsible professional practice.
40.I am punctual and reliable in my attendance.
41.I maintain a professional appearance.
42.I believe it is my job to create a learning environment that is conducive to the development of students' self-confidence and competence.
43.I respect the cultures of all students.
44.I communicate effectively with students, parents, and colleagues.
45.I honor my commitments.
46.I treat students with dignity and respect at all times.
47.I work well with others in implementing a common curriculum.
48.I am willing to receive feedback and assessment of my teaching.
49.I am patient when working with students.
50.I am open to adjusting and revising my plans to meet student needs.
51.I communicate in ways that demonstrate respect for the feelings, ideas, and contributions of others.
52.I believe it is important to learn about students and their community.
53.I plan for the integration of knowledge, skills, and disposition within and across subject.
54.I do not believe in teaching by ability.
55.I believe grouping within a classroom should be frequently changed.
56.I am enthusiastic about the subject I teach.
57.Emotion is an important factor in learning.

58. What role do you think dispositions have in the teaching profession?

THANK YOU for completing the Wayne State College Teacher Disposition Survey!

Adapted from University of Nebraska at Omaha Teacher Dispositions Index - 2006