Wayne State College

School of Education and Counseling
EDU 150 Field Experience - Final Evaluation from the Cooperating Teacher

1. Date of Evaluation: (mm-dd-yyyy)

2. Name of Student Teacher: First Last

3. Cooperating Teacher: First Name Last Name E-Mail Address

4. School / Site: City:

5. Does school have a diverse student population?

6. Student observed and/or assisted in the following: Subject(s): Grade Level(s): Extracurricular activities: Grade Level(s):

7. Total number of field experience hours completed for this experience (actual clock hours):

Based on your observations (and what you would expect a student at this beginning level of his/her academic preparation to be able to do), please evaluate this student on the following:

8. Attends when scheduled; rare absences are addressed properly.
9. Is punctual; rare tardiness is addressed properly.
10. Dresses appropriately for school setting.
11. Relates professionally to cooperating teacher and others in the building.
12. Relates appropriately to students.
13. Uses professional language in oral and written communication.
14. Any comments about professional behavior?
15. Appears to enjoy working with students
16. Completes assigned tasks independently
17. Demonstrates understanding of subject matter
18. Demonstrates understanding of age-appropriate student behavior
19. Demonstrates desire to teach
20. Exhibits curiosity/asks questions
21. Demonstrates self-confidence
22. Engages well with all students
23. Accepts constructive feedback
24. Initiates relationships with students
25. Any comments about emerging teaching behaviors?

26. Would you welcome this student back into your classroom for other experiences?
(If No to question 26, please explain here)

27. Based on observations of this student's suitability for teacher education, please select one of the following:

(If concerns from question 27, please list here)

Please share any final comments: