Laptop Computers in Conn Library

*update 1/9/2012 - 10 iPads have been added to our collection!


80 laptop computers are available for use in Conn Library. Each laptop has MS Office and utilizes our wireless network to access the Internet. Many of the laptops are also equipped with CD-burners. Patrons should note that the laptop computers are for in-library use only. The laptops can be checked out at the Library's Circulation Desk.

Laptop computers have proven to be a huge success at Conn Library. The pilot program started in 2002 with the purchase of 20 laptops and the installation of a wireless network. The program was an immediate success, and the purchase of additional laptops became an immediate priority. Circulation number of the laptops have increased each year, and have twice topped 5,000 check-outs in a single month.

Laptop Loan Rules

Patron Responsibilities:

  1. All patrons are responsible for knowing and following the rules stated in this Laptop Loan Policy. Patrons fined or suspended under these rules may not use ignorance of the rules as the basis for an appeal.
  2. Laptops may NOT leave the library building.
  3. Laptops must remain in the student's possession at all times. If a laptop is left unattended and is retrieved by a staff member the student will have future laptop borrowing privileges suspended.
  4. The loan period for laptops is 3 hours. Laptops can be renewed for additional time subject to availability. Fines of $1 per hour will accrue for laptops not returned by the end of the loan period.
  5. Software loaded on the laptop includes Microsoft Office2003 and an Internet Browser. Students are not permitted to load additional software on to the laptop. This includes all chat programs!
  6. Students should not save files on the laptop hard drive. Files should be saved on a floppy disk or on the campus network (j) drive via the Virtual Campus interface.
  7. Students can only check out one laptop at a time.
  8. Laptops are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Students cannot reserve laptops for later use.
  9. Laptops must be returned in working condition. Students assume financial responsibility up to $1800 for any theft, loss, or damage to the laptop.