Just a short list of books that everyone should read, in no particular order...




WSC Library Call #

Vonnegut, Kurt

Slaughterhouse 5

813.54 V896s

Heller, Joseph


813.54 H367c

Grass, Gunter

My Century

833.914 G769m

Grass, Gunter

The Tin Drum

833.914 G769t

Steinbeck, John

The Grapes of Wrath

813.5 St34g

Knowles, John

A Separate Peace

813.54 K762s

Hemingway, Ernest

A Farewell to Arms

813.5 H373f

Achebe, Chinua

Things Fall Apart

896.332 Ac45t

O'Brien, Tim

The Things they Carried

813.54 Ob67t 

Koestler, Arthur

Darkness at Noon

823.91 K819d 

Huxley, Aldous

Brave New World

823.91 K819d 

Heinlen, Robert

Stranger in a Strange Land

813.54 H364s 

Orwell, George

Homage to Catalonia

946.081 Or9

Solzhenitsyn, Aleksandr

The Gulag Archipelago

365.450947 So49 1

Shaw, Irwin

The Young Lions

813.5 Sh26y

Bradbury, Ray

Fahrenheit 451

813.54 B726f 

Smiley, Jane

A Thousand Acres

813.54 Sm44t 

Ishiguro, Kazuo

The Remains of the Day

823.914 Is3r

Burgess, Anthony

A Clockwork Orange

823.914 B912co

Mann, Thomas

The Magic Mountain

833.912 M315m

Roth, Philip

Portnoy's Complaint

813.54 R742po 

Graves, Robert

Goodbye to All That

B G787

Pirsig, Robert

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

191 P669

Pynchon, Thomas


813.54 P994vi

Frasier, Ian

On the Rez 

978.366 Fra 

Terkel, Studs

The Good War 

940.54 T272  

Warren, Robert Penn

All the King's Men

813.52 W255a

Berry, Wendell

The Unsettling of America

338.10973 B459

Berry, Wendell Jayber Crow 813.54 B4598j      

Robbins, Tom

Even Cowgirls Get the Blues

813.54 R538e

Zinn, Howard

The Zinn reader : writings on disobedience and democracy

973.09 Z66

Robinson, Marilyn Gilead 813.54 R564g
Hosseini, Khaled The Kite Runner 813.6 H794k