Hahn Trophies Move to Conn Library

From its construction in 1926 until the early 1960s, the Hahn Administration Building served as the campus Training School where education students could obtain practical teaching experience under the supervision of faculty. The school housed classrooms for grades K through 12.Students in the Training School participated in inter-scholastic activities and competitions with area schools. They even had their own Boy Scout troop.
Over the years the students won trophies for achievements in athletics and other areas. These trophies were displayed in a case in Hahn until renovations in Hahn necessitated that they be given a new home. In October these trophies were transferred to the Archives in the Conn Library. These 35 trophies are now on display in a case near the northwest corner of the reference room in the Library.
The trophies are mainly for basketball, but there are also those for football, track, cheerleading, and music as well as two awarded to the Boy Scout troop. Preserving and displaying these trophies help keep alive the memory of the Training School which for so many years was an integral part of the mission of Wayne State College. -Marcus Schlichter